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We LOVE Music & We LOVE Talking!                                                       🎶🎸🎹🎻🥁🎷🎺🎼🎤🎵
Music is for healing the soul, a universal language that brings people together and connects us all.
Sissel said it best “Music has such a strong impact on us human beings. The way the music goes straight through you, straight into your heart, your soul and can put you in all these kinds of different moods, laugh, cry, angry, happy, it goes straight into our emotions. It is fascinating how music can have such a great power”.
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We invite you to stay a while, join the conversations, have a laugh or two, and maybe even a good cry. Join us as we talk about life, one video reaction at a time.
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The Story Behind Us

Inspired by Music and moved by Bars.
Passion for Truth, even when it’s afar.
As we discuss with the world what matters most.
Some may want to scream at the hosts!

Recent Episodes

Angie finds ELVIS!

You don’t find many people who have never seen Elvis perform. If you love Elvis, watch how Angie reacts to her first time seeing the King of Rock!
Lara Fabian is Very Special!

If you don't know Lara Fabian, then you must listen to her! She is amazingly talented and will give you chills as she sings herself across the floor until you realize she has you hypnotized and you can't move your eyes away!

John Farnham is THE VOICE!

One of the biggest Artists of Australia 🇦🇺 who uses humor, charm, and this incredible voice that is not from this world!

Dimash Qudaibergen - Join our journey!!

This one you won't want to miss!
Dimash brings so much beauty, grace, elegance, and full emotion!

What People Say

Was wondering what took so long, she was right there in the last one🤣🤣🤣. Just playing. Her smile is infectious 😁 I love the dynamic between you two👍
Mike H
I love their reactions, you seem like a tough guy, but with a sensitive soul, and your wife is adorable. Please react to DImash with Queen's song "Show Most Go On", I guarantee you'll be blown away. Greetings from Panama.
You have turned me into a Harry Mack fan, what talent to freestyle like that. I personally like the bumps in the road. Fantastic reaction and thanks for adding to my musical journey. Great to hear laughter in this world. Keep it up guys 🤘🏻😁🤘🏻👍👍
Robert F
Love the smiles on your faces and i wonder if your honey would smile even more on the ones you have already reacted to 😀. Greetings from Sweden where Floor lives 😉
Fredrik N
How nice it is to watch your reactions. It's nice to see how people listening to Dimash have happiness in their eyes, a blissful smile on their face. And even people are getting younger. It's so great!!! With all this set, I also have tears😂 When I first listened to this cover, my hands began to tremble on the vocalization. When the song ended, it dawned on me that I was sitting with my mouth open and not breathing 😂 What a blessing it is to be able to touch this miracle. A world treasure💖😇💎🤴🌞👍💗😍
Anna B
The music of Nightwish is such a positive force in this world. Their music and performances literally have the potential to heal the most broken person. Thanks again for the great reaction 🙂
Laudato si Ad astra

Meet Your Reactors

When the lyrics create conversation Rollen won’t let it go without an explanation.
Never hesitating to “point” out the truth, Always keeping it real bringing the proof

Rollen Green

Angie is a lover of all music but the genre that lives in her soul is hard rock n roll.
When the tides are high, and music flies by, some of it may make her scream or cry. Where did she put that Exit sign?